Sunday, March 30, 2008

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I could not agree more with Rodney's post regarding Gregor's sister and his theory about society treating those who are different poorly. As Rodney previously mentioned, that as time passes by, Gregor's sister, as well as his father, start to develop feelings of wanting to get "rid" of Gregor, as a result of their inability to accept his change. However, what proves interesting is the fact that Gregor's mother refuses to stop loving her son and continues to care for him regardless of his metamorphosis. "She had to be held back by main force ... cry[ing] out: 'Do let me in to Gregor, he is my unfortunate son! Can't you understand that I must go to him?'"(114). Gregor's mother senses the fact that Gregor is in dire need of seeing her, vice versa. When "Gregor's desire to see his mother [is] ... fulfilled"(114), he regains a little bit of humanity. "He had indeed been so near the brink of forgetfulness that only the voice of his mother, which he had not heard for so long, had drawn him back"(116). Gregor almost loses himself to his creature-like instincts and needs, when he "looked forward to having his room emptied of furnishing"(116), yet something as simple as his mother's voice rescues him from wanting to throw away his past life. His mother indeed does truly love Gregor regardless of what he has become. She never loses "hope of his ever getting better"(116). This is shown when she converses with Grete, and comments that "[she] think[s] it would be best to keep [Gregor's] room exactly as it has always been, so that when he comes back to [them] he will find everything unchanged and be able all the more easily to forget what has happened in between"(116). She even goes as far as to choke her husband after his attempt to kill Gregor, "with her hands clasped around [his] neck as she begged for her son's life"(122). What does everybody else view Mrs. Samsa?

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I chose the Metamorphosis Blog for Blog Writing because I truly enjoyed the intellectual interaction between the book club members. I feel that I did exceptionally well on this blog and proposed an interesting view on Mrs. Samsa to the rest of the group.