Thursday, April 3, 2008

Poem: Importance of Lighthouses

Lighthouse, lighthouse, guide the way,
Round up ships that fish astray.
Prevent their crashing, into the rocks,
And safely guide them with your light.
As the fishing ships swivel to the docks,
Mark your victory, a job done right.

For if you, lighthouse, were not there,
Fisherman vessels must beware,
The rocky coasts and dangerous shoals,
Like the Sirens, whose voices draw
Odysseus and sailors alike to their grave,
When crashing into the shallow shore cliffs.

Lighthouse of navigation, with your fuel house and quarters
Boat house, fog-signaling building and towers,
Lantern room glassed containing lamp and lens,
Storm panes and astragal bars support top-part frame.
Storm-proof ventilator to rid smoke of burning lamps,
Lightning rod and grounding system to prevent lightning strikes.
Built so well, and so well thought out,
With so many precautions and features about.

Lighthouse, lighthouse, erected everywhere,
Even in Olson's beloved Gloucester,
Where fishing is essential, made safer, and perhaps
Possible, only because of you.
And maybe someday too, I'll construct a lighthouse,
One that will guide and save the lives of many.

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